3 Zodiac Signs Need Change In Their Relationships On December 4, 2023

1. Taurus 

You really believe that your patience has been completely worn out and that you will lose it if you don't get the change you need. 

You don't want to believe what you've seen in your love life.

You think of yourself as a badass who gets things done, but you've started to understand that you've been way too nice and easy on your demands.

2. Virgo 

Virgo, you have a tough life as it is, so when a transit like Mars square Lilith happens, you feel like you need to use its energy to make the best of things. 

It's all about what your love partner does, or more accurately, what they don't do. 

You two may have become stuck in a slow-moving habit where neither of you wants to be the one to inspire the other.

3. Aquarius 

Now is the time to use your smarts. Mars will be square to Lilith, which will make you want to start a fight. 

The point of the fight is to break the ice. Lilith energy can be fiery, but it usually has a plan. 

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