5 Foods You Must Eat For Rapid Weight Loss

By.  Robert j. Maatthews

One important thing about pectin is that it can greatly slow down your digestive system while also making you feel better.


That, along with the fact that apples have a lot of fiber, makes them a great food for losing weight.

People don't really like potatoes, and it's true that you should stay away from the many fried types. 


Even though they have a lot of carbs, they're still a good choice for dieters because they're full of vitamins and other important nutrients.

Eggs are another choice that might surprise you.


Eggs are a great choice because they are a great source of protein, which is important for weight loss.

Dairy is a great way to lose weight because it can make you feel fuller even when you eat less of it.


Greek yogurt is especially good for you because the process of making it raises the protein content while cutting the sugar content by a huge amount.

If you think of popcorn as a movie theater snack covered in butter, this one might come as a surprise.


There are about 90 calories in three cups of popcorn, which is more than enough to satisfy your eating needs.

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