Best Weight Loss Foods To Put On Your Grocery List

By.  Robert j. Maatthews

It looks like that saying is partly true. First, they are high in fiber, which makes you feel full.

1. Apples

This makes it one of the best foods for losing weight.

Not long ago, this food didn't get much attention, but now it does.

2. Cauliflower

One of the most useful vegetables you can buy is cauliflower. 

Salmon has a lot of healthy fats and Omega-3s that your body needs.

3. Salmon

The health benefits of fish are lost by most people who don't eat enough of it. 

Swiss chard is a leafy green that you can add to a lot of different foods. An normal serving has only 19 calories.

4. Swiss Chard

It's no secret that these leaves are full of vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs. They also have magnesium.

You can fight your hunger pangs with grapes, a sweet treat. You can also freeze them if you want a cold treat.

5. Grapes

There is more sugar in them than in some vegetables, but they also have a lot of good nutrients.

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