Coco Gauff's Former Coach Explores a Special Relationship Days After Returning to Chinese Prodigy's Camp

After Coco Gauff's US Open win, there was a surprise when coach Pere Riba and Gauff parted ways.

Riba, who helped Gauff achieve significant success, announced his return to coaching by teaming up with former student Qinwen Zheng.

Riba shared insights into his bond with Zheng, describing it as that of siblings in a recent interview.

The coach emphasized the strong friendship he maintained with Zheng even after their previous collaboration.

Zheng, ranked 15th globally, reached out to Riba after the 2023 season, leading to their decision to continue working together.

Riba revealed the real reason for parting ways with Gauff, citing personal problems that required time with his family.

The coach clarified that their separation had nothing to do with strained personal relations; they were on good terms.

Riba's unexpected coaching transition faced backlash from fans, not enthusiastic about the new partnership with Zheng.

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