Deebo Samuel breaks tackles, extends 49ers lead

Deebo Samuel's Confidence: Ahead of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, 49ers' wide receiver Deebo Samuel reaffirmed his commitment to the comments he made after last year's NFC Championship Game.

Backed by Performance: Samuel didn't just talk the talk; he walked the walk with an impressive 48-yard catch and run for a touchdown during the game.

Critical Moment: The touchdown came in the third quarter with the 49ers holding a 21-13 lead and 3:54 on the clock, showcasing Samuel's impact in crucial situations.

Quarterback Connection: Quarterback Brock Purdy found Samuel open over the middle, delivering a perfect pass that allowed Samuel to break free for the touchdown.

Versatility Shines: Samuel's performance included a 12-yard rushing touchdown earlier in the third quarter, marking his second game with both a rushing and receiving score in his career.

Yards After Catch Master: Samuel demonstrated his ability to gain yards after the catch, recording his eighth career reception with at least 40 yards after the catch. 

Total Contribution: At the time of the touchdown, Samuel had three catches for 70 yards, three rushes for 22 yards, and two touchdowns, showcasing his all-around contribution to the game.

Game-Changing Play: Samuel's 48-yard touchdown added a significant advantage, extending the 49ers' lead to 28-13.

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