Former Grizzlies Player Believes Ja Morant's Suspension Return Could be Delayed

Ja Morant is counting down to his return from a 25-game suspension.

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas believes Morant should delay his return by 1 game.

Arenas suggests Morant should return for a home game vs the Pacers, not a road game vs the Pelicans.

On his show, Arenas said "He ain't coming home on the road. We not playing against the Pelicans."

Arenas thinks Morant's first game back should be in Memphis in front of home fans.

He said "If I was Ja, I would play at home in front of my reporters."

It seemed more like a suggestion than a real prediction from Arenas.

But Arenas clearly feels strongly Morant should return for a home game.

It is very unlikely though that Morant delays his eligible return date.

Memphis fans will welcome Morant back in his first home game, but he'll likely return immediately when suspension ends.

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