Hamby's heroics win AmeriCup gold for USA Basketball's 3x3

Dramatic Victory: Dearica Hamby, named Tournament MVP, secured a thrilling win for the U.S. women's 3x3 basketball team against Brazil in the FIBA AmeriCup gold medal game with a falling.

Scoring Dynamics: Hamby's shot, worth one point in the 3x3 format, showcased the unique scoring system where baskets inside the arc are one point.

Comeback Story: The U.S. team faced a significant deficit, trailing 19-13 with just over two minutes remaining. 

Game Rules: In 3x3, a game concludes when a team reaches 21 points or when the 10-minute game clock expires.

Quick Equalizer: The Americans needed only 64 seconds to tie the game, with key contributions from Kelsey Mitchell, Katie Lou Samuelson, and Hamby.

Mitchell's Impact: Kelsey Mitchell played a crucial role in the comeback, scoring and setting the stage for the team's turnaround.

Samuelson's Remarkable Return: Katie Lou Samuelson, participating in her first competitive event since becoming a mother four months ago.

Brazil's Resistance: Despite the U.S. comeback, Brazil briefly went up 20-19, setting the stage for a nail-biting finish.

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