Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

By.  Robert j. Maatthews

Preparing these nutritious overnight oats in a jar, they are the ideal sustenance for the go.

Healthy breakfast bowl

With yoghurt and berries on top, these will be adored by all members of the family.

Healthy breakfast bowl

Commence the day with a delectable vegetarian breaky that provides a simple protein boost.

Smashed chickpea bruschetta

Easily prepare your own porridge using this recipe.

Cinnamon and banana porridge

This shakshuka with sweet potatoes, beans, and kale is a substantial vegetarian dish that the entire family will enjoy. It is also rich in fiber.

Sweet potato, bean & kale shakshuka

For a quick brunch on the go, prepare this delectable super banana smoothie in just five minutes.

Breakfast super smoothie

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