How To Lose Weight With The Best Vegetable Smoothie

Asparagus Smoothie

Asparagus is a dieter’s dream with its low calorie, high nutrient and prebiotic fiber content that feeds good gut bacteria tied to weight regulation. 

Blend it up with metabolism-boosting matcha powder, blood sugar-stabilizing cinnamon, rich vanilla and banana for a unique and slimming drink.

Bean Sprout Smoothie 

Bean Sprout Smoothie Protein powders aren’t the only way to get a protein punch that promotes satiation on a vegetable smoothie weight loss plan. 

Bean sprouts contain almost 3g of protein and 90% water per cup for serious satiety. 

Bell Pepper Smoothie

Red bell peppers bring a heavy dose of metabolism-enhancing vitamin C and satiating fiber into this unusual veggie weight loss smoothie.

Combined with the protein punch from hemp seeds, antioxidant blessing of berries, spicy addition of jalapeno all topped with mint, you’ve got one delicious drink that crushes cravings fast for improved weight loss.

Broccoli Cashew Smoothie

The high levels of vitamin C, K, and A in broccoli support a healthy metabolism which is crucial for weight management. 

When you combine broccoli with protein-rich cashews, antioxidant-packed berries, carb-smart oats.

Mushroom Cacao Smoothie

Mushroom Cacao Smoothie Packed with B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin, metabolism-regulating minerals.

Paired with magnesium-rich cacao powder, craving-crushing cinnamon, banana and coconut milk you’ve got one delicious medicinal blend.

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