Mediterranean Diet Benefits For Longevity And Health

By.  Robert j. Maatthews

Mediterranean diet affected how many hours and how well people slept each night.

1. Better sleep

The results show that anyone who sticks to a Mediterranean diet is more likely to sleep longer and better.

Mediterranean diet might help reduce inflammation, which could help protect against diseases like heart disease and COVID-19.

2. Reduce inflammation

The people who ate a lot of these foods had lower levels of inflammatory markers in their blood," the researchers wrote.

Mediterranean diet was regularly linked to a lower risk of death from any cause.

3. Increase lifespan

Heart disease, cancer, and lung disease were some of the causes of death that the writers listed.

Women who stuck to the diet better were less likely to die of heart disease or get coronary heart disease. 

Lower risk of heart disease in women

In this group, the risk of stroke was also lower for women, but experts said it wasn't statistically significant.

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