Pickled vegetables that help you lose weight


Mushrooms supply significant nutrients for few calories. A cup of raw sliced mushrooms contains just 15 calories but offers riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper and selenium. 

Substitute mushrooms for meat in dishes to cut calories without sacrificing nutrients, flavor or fullness.

Bell Peppers 

Bell Peppers Brightly colored bell peppers are sweet, crunchy and delicious. More importantly, they provide lots of nutrition for very few calories. 

They offer vitamin C, beta-carotene, folate and fiber. Fill up on bell pepper slices with hummus or use them to bulk up sandwiches, wraps, omelets and stir-fries.


Cauliflower With about 25 calories per cup of chopped raw florets, cauliflower provides ample bulk and nutrients for minimal calories.

It’s an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K. Cauliflower is also packed with cancer-fighting compounds.


Radishes have a sharp, peppery flavor that makes a great addition to salads and veggie trays. 

One cup of sliced radishes has only 19 calories. Radishes provide vitamin C, potassium and fiber. 


Zucchini is low in calories with only 18 per cup of raw sliced zucchini. 

It provides vitamin C, magnesium and potassium along with fiber and water to help you feel full. 

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