Simple Mediterranean Anti-Inflammatory Dinners

By.  Robert j. Maatthews

Combine dressing ingredients in small container for work grain bowl. Shake dressing, add to salad, toss and eat. 

Chicken & Fresh Berries

Use store-bought olive oil vinaigrette if you're short on time for homemade dressing. 

Bibim naengmyeon's star is the sauce: a sweet, spicy, tangy mixture that complements the chewy noodles

Bibim Naengmyeon

This vegan version skips egg and beef for an easy meal. Add fried or grilled tofu for a better meal. Eat it now. Noodles get stiff and hard when left for too long.

Braised lentils with kale, tomato broth, and a protein-packed egg on top. Microwave lentils briefly in the pan to finish cooking.

Kale with Fried Eggs

Use cooked or canned lentils instead, but reduce cooking time to avoid overcooking. 

Quick and delicious pasta al limone recipe, ready in 20 minutes. 

Pasta al Limone

This recipe comes from Sorrento, Italy, known for its large lemons with a fragrant oil and sweet pulp. 

Bowls filled with black bean and veggie burrito ingredients, without the tortilla. 

Black Bean Farro Bowls

Farro replaces rice, and veggies are grilled with lime vinaigrette. Bowls are tasty at room temp, but you can also heat beans with broth and veggies in a skillet.

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