“Sobbing”: As Baby Biles Turns 1, Simone Biles’ Overwhelmed Sister-in-Law Shares Heartfelt Love Note

Simone Biles' family welcomed a special addition, Baby Biles, born on November 25, 2022, through IVF.

Baby Biles, the niece of the gymnastics legend, turned one recently, becoming the most cherished member of the Biles family.

The past year was a mix of joy and challenges for Ron Jr. and Sammi as they navigated the journey of infertility and miscarriages.

Baby Biles faced health hurdles, from battling COVID and Norovirus to a recent struggle with RSV, making her journey to turning one tough.

Despite health concerns, Baby Biles has been a little fighter, as Sammi shared in an Instagram story just days before her milestone birthday.

Sammi candidly described the chaos in their house, from Thanksgiving preparations to getting ready for Baby Biles' first birthday and awaiting Ron Biles II's hip replacement.

Baby Biles' strength inspired Sammi to express gratitude, stating, "We are here, and we are making it" amidst the challenges.

On Baby Biles' first birthday, Sammi got emotional, posting a heartfelt note on Instagram, expressing disbelief at how quickly the year had passed.

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