The Best Weight-loss Exercises

By.  Robert j. Maatthews

Yes, burpees are crazy tough. But that's exactly why they ignite massive calorie burn. 

1 Burpees

String together 30-60 seconds of high intensity burpees with short rest periods and watch your metabolism soar for hours after your workout.

Kettlebell workouts recruit tons of muscles simultaneously for an exercise scientists call one of the best for weight loss. 

2 Kettlebell Swings

Swing a kettlebell using proper form to torch calories and define muscle.

Get into pushup position, draw one knee up towards your chest, then switch as fast as you can. 

3 Mountain Climbers

Just 60-seconds of all-out mountain climbers absolutely torches calories and fat.

When it comes to crazy-effective weight loss workouts, few can compete with high intensity jump rope intervals. 

4 Jump Rope

Battle rope training offers similarSkipping burns 10+ calories a minute!

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