The Mediterranean Diet Can Help You Live Longer And Be Healthier

By.  Robert j. Maatthews

Dementia risk by following more than 60,000 people for an average of 9.1 years. 

Reduces dementia risk

The study found that people who stuck to the Mediterranean diet more often were less likely to get dementia.

In 2022, 116 plasma samples from Caucasian men with late-stage prostate cancer and 132 plasma samples from matched subjects were looked at. 

Lowers prostate cancer odds

The amounts of lycopene, lutein, α-carotene, and β-carotene in the blood of people with prostate cancer were much lower than those in the control group.

It can make vision less clear, make it harder to recognize faces and colors, and make it harder to see in low light.

May benefit vision as you age

Some of the things that can be used as treatment are dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and sometimes medicines or surgery.

The Mediterranean diet might be good for more than just your health.

Boost mental health

In this type of therapy, a patient is paired up with at least one other person in the hopes of giving them more social support. 

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