Three Zodiac Signs May Have A Fling Before The Weekend Is Over

1. Gemini 

Wed. nights like this are just what the doctor ordered, especially if you're the doctor and your heart is broken.

You know what you want: you want to be loved, but you don't think you can give someone more than a fling right now.

So when the chance comes up, you see it for what it is and go for it. 

2. Virgo 

After what you've been through in love, the last thing you want is to make a new promise to someone and have to get used to them all over again. 

You love the idea of being loyal and devoted, but you're done with it now.

You feel good for the first time in a while, and you'd like to try out again to see what's out there and maybe have a fun fling that makes both of you feel good.

3. Sagittarius 

You've always thought of having that "one love" and the romantic life you'd like to have with that person.

But your past shows that you may have had more than one love, which means that love isn't a given. 

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