Three Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On December 

1. Cancer 

You've always been aware of what your partner wants and needed, and you've never been afraid to try new things for them.

You may have thought you were "perfect" the way you were, so this request may come as a shock.

Not because it's bad, but because it makes you think and asks you to change... for them. 

2. Leo 

You have to swallow your pride today and accept that you are wrong about some things and that you can change without a fight.

Venus is currently square to Pluto. During this time, you will see that you have the potential to be great, but you need to change in order to get there.

Leo, this has to do with your love life, which is probably why it's also a matter of pride for you.

3. Aquarius

You may notice that they aren't asking for anything that no one else would ask for when Venus squares Pluto.

They need this, and you have to wonder if your pride is stopping you from giving them what they seem to want.

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