“We’ve Been Having So Much Fun”—Dara Allen, Hunter Schafer’s stylist, on the Star’s theatrical press tour

Hunter Schafer has captivated on red carpets while promoting The Hunger Games prequel film this month with creative, narrative-driven outfits.

In New York City, Schafer continued her eye-catching style streak in a floral Marni dress from the brand's 2024 collection.

Schafer has collaborated with stylist Dara Allen on fantasy-inspired fashion for the press tour, approaching looks as a living fashion story.

The Marni dress incorporated metal flowers affixed to a flowy poplin base, contrasting embellished and delicate elements.

Allen enjoyed the dress' shorter, sweeter silhouette compared to Schafer's prior avant-garde looks on the press tour.

The lighthearted finale look nods to the extravagant Capitol fashion featured in the original Hunger Games films.

Although nearing the end of promotions, Schafer lit up with excitement when trying on the joyful Marni dress.

Allen views Schafer's sartorial press tour as a fashion narrative influenced by the movie landscape and the actor's persona.

The stylist has an innate talent for unveiling the essence of an individual through strategic styling.

Schafer's style journey culminated in a harmonious New York moment blending individuality, creativity, and self-expression through fashion's imagination.

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